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Clark Peak and Ruby Jewel Yurts

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Added by: Wonko on 02.03.2013
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Trail Stats:
Length: 2.1 Miles Time: 1 hour 5 minutes 59 seconds Elevation Gain: 538 Feet
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Directions: Click here to get driving directions
Access Restrictions And Fees:
Go to the never summer nordic website for full details on fees and restrictions and to book your trip.
The Yurts of Never Summer NordicĀ® are remote backcountry shelters. The yurts are circular tent-like canvas and wood structures built high on a wood deck, offering the backcountry enthusiast a secure, secluded private refuge from the elements in the Colorado State Forest State Park. They are available for rent throughtout the year, winter or summer. Awesome set of yurts, have everything you need for a winter or summer vacation. GPS shown is only one way (in) so the total out and back milage is about 4 miles. Clark Peak Yurt and Ruby Jewel Yurt Located halfway to Jewel Lake,just past the Ruby Jewel Yurt, the Clark Peak Yurt is nestled in a dense lodge pole forest - ideal for mountain biking or mountain climbing. Unlimited access to high alpine bowls and exciting ridges tempt more skillful skiers, but there's plenty of easier skiing near the yurt.

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  • Trail Type:
    • Out and Back
  • Trail Length:
    • Quick Jaunt
  • Traffic:
    • Light
  • Features:
    • Group Sites Available
    • Accepts Reservations
    • Beginner Friendly


Conditions are comming soon!! Water Levels! Weather! Snow reports! Hoorah!

This trail is near Walden, CO 80480, USA

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