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Buchanan Pass Trail

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Added by: Wonko on 09.17.2012
Last Edited by: Wonko on 09.17.2012
Trail Stats:
Length: 12.4 Miles Time: 3 hours 39 minutes 49 seconds Elevation Gain: 1326 Feet
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Access Restrictions And Fees:
Great trail for hiking and mountain biking, and for the more adventurous some good backpacking as well. This trail starts out at Pleasant Campgrounds or Camp Dick and continues up the valley to run into Middle St Vrain off road road. For a great mountain biking day, you can connect to the off road trails (Coney Flats Road) via the start of sourdough trail so that you can enjoy Buchanan Pass Trail as all downhill. The mountain biking (no matter how you do it) can be quite tricky, most of the trail is composed of small to medium sized rocks that makes for a very technical ride.

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Technical Difficulty:


  • Mtn Biking Trail Type:
    • Single Track
  • Trail Type:
    • Out and Back
  • Trail Length:
    • Half Day
  • Traffic:
    • Moderate
  • Features:
    • Pet Friendly
    • Water Falls


Conditions are comming soon!! Water Levels! Weather! Snow reports! Hoorah!

This trail is near Lyons, CO 80540, USA

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