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Colorado Trail Kenosha Pass East

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Added by: Ben Mottinger on 07.05.2011
Last Edited by: Ben Mottinger on 07.05.2011
Trail Stats:
Length: 12.5 Miles Time: 1 hour 52 minutes 46 seconds Elevation Gain: 935 Feet
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Directions: Click here to get driving directions
Take HW 285 to Kenosha Pass, about 19 miles past Bailey. You may park on the west or east side of the road.
Access Restrictions And Fees:
Bikes are not allowed 6.5 miles east of the trailhead.
At Kenosha Pass, you can head out on the CO Trail east or west. There is another route on here for the west-bound direction to Georgia Pass. This is a great section of trail--very scenic, some fast sections, and all around good trail conditions. Going east, you'll encounter some similar terrain as the first few miles of the other side; flowing singletrack, aspen groves, some open meadows. There's also some steep, punchy climbs in there. If you're mountain biking, you can ride this direction 6.5 miles to the wilderness area boundary (where bikes are not allowed). There is a creek right before this boundary where you can fill up with water, assuming you have a filter/purifier, before the return trip. The return is more difficult physically too, ascending those steep and sometimes loose sections.

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Technical Difficulty:


  • Mtn Biking Trail Type:
    • Single Track
  • Trail Type:
    • Out and Back
  • Trail Length:
    • Quick Jaunt
  • Traffic:
    • Moderate
  • Features:
    • Pet Friendly
    • Kid Friendly
    • Beginner Friendly


Conditions are comming soon!! Water Levels! Weather! Snow reports! Hoorah!

This trail is near Grant, CO 80448, USA

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