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Indian Creek/Colorado Trail

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Added by: Ben Mottinger on 06.14.2011
Last Edited by: Ben Mottinger on 09.14.2011
Trail Stats:
Length: 12.9 Miles Time: 1 hour 47 minutes 26 seconds Elevation Gain: 1414 Feet
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From Santa Fe (HW 85) in Sedalia, head west 10 miles to the Indian Creek Campground. If you park here, it is $5 for a day pass. There is a pulloff, however, about 1/3 mile east of the campground, opposite of Rampart Range road where a half dozen cars can easily fit.
Access Restrictions And Fees:
$5 if you park at the Indian Creek Trailhead lot.
If you're looking for a more scenic start to the Colorado Trail, head to the Indian Creek trailhead. You'll bypass 6 miles of boring dirt road (Waterton Canyon) and replace it with some incredible singletrack that packs some technical terrain, steep ascents, and remote feel. You can also ride this trail as a shorter loop, which is around 15 miles. For a longer ride, extend the Indian Creek trail to the Colorado Trail. These directions describe the loop clockwise, leaving the campground to the west, downhill from the parking lot. Take Indian Creek 4.6 miles until it meets up with the CO Trail at the top of a ridge, with a sign and a wooden bench. There is some uphill getting to this point, but it's mostly a downhill warmup. Keep this in mind, however for the return, as you'll be cursing those steep sections after 20 some miles. Take the CO Trail west from here downhill some more to a creek, then a long ascent (>1400 ft). From here, you can see the South Platte and bomb your way down switchbacks to the river. At this point, take a little rest, and get ready to reverse the trail back up (again, another 1400 ft of climbing). Stats on the Route: Round Trip distance: 26 miles Elevation gain outbound: 2000 ft Elevation gain inbound: 3880 ft Summary: These 26 miles will pack a serious punch of elevation at generally steep grades so don't take it lightly. There is camping at the trailhead also if you're staying a while.

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  • Mtn Biking Trail Type:
    • Single Track
  • Trail Type:
    • Out and Back
  • Trail Length:
    • Half Day
  • Traffic:
    • Light
  • Features:
    • Fire Pit


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This trail is near Sedalia, CO 80135, USA

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