Grand Canyon (South Rim or West Rim)
  • Harey Jhone March 2017
    Through west coast of america tours, I will explore Grand Canyon (South Rim or West Rim) to see this natural wonder. I am very happy to go ahead for it and will make sure to enjoy hiking there as well as sightseeing. I ma very excited to go for it and will love to read your views that what is must try things to do there? Try to make quick replies.
  • AnaishaAnaisha March 2017
    Harey Jhone, It is a good thing if you have a plan to move through the west coast of America tours and explore the beauty of Grand Canyon (South Rim or West Rim) there. I am hopeful that it will be a remarkable journey for you because you can so many fun things in the park to have a great time.

    I am just back after taking la bus tours
  • Harey Jhone March 2017
    Would you like to suggest me some must try things to do there? I am keen to know your views and would love to read more from you about this park. Moreover, must mention here what do you love to do there especially in West Rim?
  • Emily Watson March 2017
    Harey Jhone! Grand Canyon is really a beautiful and gorgeous destination from both (South Rim or West Rim). I have been visited there much of the times and had a great time there while visiting its amazing points, Like Mather point, Ooh Aah point, Hopi Point, Yavapai point. I just loved them a lot.
  • Albern+jAMesAlbern jAMes March 2017
    Emily Watson, you have shared nice suggestion to him and would like to say that, he will have a good time there. Anyway, let me know onMather point what he can enjoy and what have you reomended him? I am looking for your reply.
  • BradenBraden June 2017
    Mather point, Hopi point, Ooh-aah point, these are the best parts of the Grand canyon that i has been visited there after completing my trips to niagara falls. It was a good experience of my life and i had a great time there ahead as well.