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  • I want to see this wonderful and impressive view with my own eyes as soon as possible. But I am feeling ads to tell you that I have no idea about this image place. Therefore, I open this thread to come to know about this place. Because I am sure the members of this community must know about this and guide me very well.

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  • It's a view of impressive Blue Mosque that located in Istanbul. If you are looking to see such calling place then make a plan to explore Istanbul and have a fun time there. I am sure in this way there will be lots of fun things to do except this mosque. It's famous for its blue-tiled interior and worth going place for all. I am sure to spend time there will be a cool way for you.

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  • BradenBraden June 2017
    Blue Mosque is formally known as The Sultan Ahmed Mosque. It is one of the dearest places for me especially at night. It looks pretty cool to me and surely it will be a great thing for me to explore there again and again. You remind me all those beautiful memories and i just love that a lot.
  • Brinkman December 2018
    blue mosque architecture style attracting me and love to see it at least once in life. Hope spending time to be there will remian a great idea. But here love to read about nearest points of this mosque because love to explore them too. Hope to see quick replies here.
  • YashitaYashita December 2018
    Johnny Jack! I would like to say that you have shared a very attractive view here with all of us. According to my information, this view is taken from the Blue Mosque which is the most famous attraction in Istanbul. It is the worship place of Muslim in this region and lots of tourists love to go there again and again.
  • Johnny Jack December 2018
    All the members shared really nice stuff about the mosque, which I have shared in my post. Frankly speaking, after reading all the member's posts I have got enough information about this wonderful attraction. Now I can visit this place easily through taking an Istanbul tour. By the way, the Blue Mosque is the second name of The Sultan Ahmed Mosque?
  • YashitaYashita January 10
    Well, buddy, It is my goodness that you liked my shared stuff. I like to share that the Sultan Ahmad Mosque which is famous for its blue tiles is also known as the Blue Mosque. I really hope that it will prove the best time period and you will have a captivating time around it. I will wish you good luck for that.
  • Johnny Jack January 11
    Yashita! I am glad after seeing your fast reply. In your post, you again shared nice stuff about this place name and clear my confusion. Now I can visit this place without any hesitation. I am sure I will enjoy sightseeing at this place there. By the way, according to you, night best is to visit this placed?