• Everyone knows that Dubai is a really great destination for having a remarkable time in the world. I have explored his place and enjoyed iconic views fro Al Burj 144th floor. Believe e guys this was just an amazing experience for me which I can’t dismiss from my mind. Do let me know what will you like to say about this?
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  • Flynn May 2017
    Wow, such a really nice and best-shared stuff here, I love this place and now I want to say that you're shared in the image of Dubai is really cool. Now mt elder brother is here in Dubai and enjoys staying in this 5-star hotel which name is Al Burj Alarab. I am sure he will great fun here with his three friends a travel or holidays. I wish I will go for visiting this city after ending my bus tours from washington dc with buddies.
  • Jennifer May 2017
    There is no doubt that the Dubai is really the best spot on earth which is filled with a lot of great places. I just so much love it and had really great time at that. I had enjoyed their desert safari for the very first time in my life and can say that it was the ever best experience of my life that I have got. I am sure that things like that to trying will prove really great for me.
  • Albern jAMes! You have shared a cool and nice image of Dubai here. I am going to agree with both of you. Dubai is a wonderful place for seeing these kinds of alluring views there. In next month, I am planning to explore this destination. Then I also explore this place.
  • All of you remind me the time which I spend in Dubai and now thinking to go for it once more to have a great experience and recall all those moments which I spent there. Hope to enjoy sunbath and enjoy dining at this luxury hotel will make my time unforgettable for me.
  • It's my goodness that you all like my sharing stuff about Dubai and its famous attraction that is Al Burj. Undoubtedly this is a remarkable place which attracts the visitors and of er them to have a good time there. However, guys, let's talk about the behaviors of people.
  • BradenBraden June 2017
    Yes, Dubai is a good destination to have some fun there. I had been to there much of the times and had a great time there. It is really a great time for me and I will love to be there again and again. So keep it more up and have a good time there.