Best places for hiking
  • Johnny Jack April 2017
    I am the biggest lover of hiking and want to enjoy my favorite activity during my all tours. Now I want to explore some those places names which are best for this activity. That's why I come to know about those places. Would the members of this community like to share here?

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  • Jennifer April 2017
    Pacific Coast Trail
    Appalachian Trail
    Grand Canyon National Park
    Yosemite National Park
    Glacier National Park
    John Muir Trail
    Zion National Park
    Arches National Park
    These are really great kind of places where you can enjoy this venture more accurately would the US.
  • Emily Watson April 2017
    All of these places are really nice and worth seeing for me. I will love to try them after my niagara falls bus tour from new york and surely it will be a marvelous kind of time for them all. By the way, just try to keep your camera and this going to be so massive I am sure.
  • Socrates April 2017
    Grand Canyon National Park, Yosemite National Park and Glacier National Park are the bets attraction for me as well as for enjoying hiking with buddies. so now I must say here that its natural beauty is bets for exploring and enjoying the summer days here. I will try to go for enjoying my time in next month Yosemite National Park. whats your plans?
  • Albern+jAMesAlbern jAMes April 2017
    Socrates I would like to say that I am recently back fro west coast tours and while this has a great time there. So would like to recommend yo try to enjoy flying over Yosemite National park. I am so sure this would be a really best of having fun for you.
    Anyway, Jhonny, I think you should make a visit to Grand Canyon National Park.

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  • Emily Watson April 2017
    Well, Guys, i am so sure that will be a great way of fun for you all. as Socrates have shared names as Grand Canyon National Park, Yosemite National Park and Glacier National Park. These are also my favorites places and i love to visit there again and again.
  • Albern+jAMesAlbern jAMes April 2017
    I must say Grand Canyon National Park is a great place for having a blast of time. I have been there lots of time in my life and always have a great experience on this place always. Having fun on that place is not less than any dream. So now would like to talk about Skywalk in Grand Canyon. What will you like to say about this?
  • Harey Jhone April 2017
    Jennifer , Your mentioned names are rally cool and some of these are really new to me. I would like to go to those places to have fun. John Muir Trail will be on my hit list and soon will make sure to be around. Guys, would you like to talk about this trail?
  • Well, Buddy, I am so sure that this is going to be a great way of fun for sure. So keep it more up and have a great time there ahead. I will love to say that this is going to be an incredible way of fun for me for sure. So thanks for it and have some fun there a lot.
  • Jennifer! First of all, I would like to say that you have shared great places names list here which are best for hiking. I have added these places names in my bucket list. Secondly, I must say that really nice conversation is going here about these places from all the member's side.
  • BradenBraden May 2017
    I must say everyone has shared best stuff according to his knowledge. I really impressed and surely others will also have such informative stuff. So keep it more up and have a great time there ahead. I will also like to try this again and again.
  • Guys, Here I am looking to read more about John Muir Trail and still waiting for replies. Hope you all would like to share with me if have any sort of information about it. I hope you guys would like to let me know and post few quick replies here. Moreover, share some photos of this trail?
  • YashitaYashita June 2017
    I would like to say that I am a big lover of hiking and love to say here that Jennifer have shared such really nice and famous names list of places which are the best for hiking and also for hiking lovers. I have visited Glacier National Park personally and had great experience at there and come back from there with smiley face.
  • Jennifer July 2017
    It's a really great thing that you all are really like the shared name of best-hiking trails by me I just really sure about that by enjoying at all would be really fabulous to you to have a lot of fun great kind of fun for sure.
  • Soren July 2017
    I must say all of you have shared really best places with us. I like them and love to know from you what say which places should I select for my next plan. cause I am free from this tours of Los Angeles theses days. So suggest me any place, guys.
  • Johnny Jack August 2017
    In Los Angeles, there are lots of places which are best for enjoying the hiking there. Let mes hare those places names here.
    Runyon Canyon Park
    Hollywood Sign
    Fryman Canyon Park
    Griffith Park
    Amir's Garden
    Griffith Park Trails
  • BradenBraden September 2017
    I must say that this is one of the most amazing and beautiful things for sure. it will be so much stunning and pretty gorgeous for sure. So it will be so much stunning and appealing for sure and will love to have soem fun there.
  • Johnny Jack October 2017
    Yeah, I am going to agree with you. It is a stunning, appealing and great kind of sort. I love hiking and try to enjoy this adventure thing in various places. Anyhow, would you like to tell me which kinds of places you like for enjoying hiking?
  • Flora12 November 2017
    Zion National Park is the best place for hiking and tis is my favorite adventure activity, this activity is the best way of exploring all around the place and Last year i enjoyed this place hiking with my some friend that time too much memory for my life and i could not skip those time from my mind.