what is traveling phobia ??
  • Harey Jhone April 2017
    Last Night I ask my father what is traveling phobia ??

    He replied:
    "Agyrophobia and Autophobia are the main reasons.Those people don't like to go for traveling who have Agyrophobia and Autophobia. There could be many reasons like, persons who have Agyrophobia often has travel phobia too because they have fear of crossing the road. Hope you got me."

    But here I am keen to know what do you think or how you will define traveling phobia? Must share with me.

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  • Emily Watson April 2017
    harey Jhone! I think your father have shared such nice stuff about Agyrophobia and Autophobia. That is a really creepy buddy for those who don't like traveling I really love this hobby and don't want to stay without it. So I will be on niagara falls trip from boston and i am sure that will be a good time period for me.
  • Johnny Jack April 2017
    I am feeling bad to tell you that I have no idea about this. I hear about this through your post. Both of you shared great stuff here about this. I must try to get some nice sort of stuff about this through my uncle and then share with you.

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  • Emily Watson April 2017
    Yeah, sure johnny try to collect impressive stuff by your uncle as you know that he could help you in a good way. So keep it more up and have a great time. Good luck buddy.
  • BradenBraden July 2017
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