Lake Atitlán
  • Albern+jAMesAlbern jAMes April 2017
    In next days my grandfather is going to have fun on Lake Atitlán with my grandmother. They said from a long time we have never spend time with each other and on theses vacations want to be there. I also want to be there with them after mine west coast usa tours. What will you like to say should I go with them or not?
  • Harey Jhone April 2017
    Lake Atitlan is a smart choice to go for it. If you are going to have fun around this lake then surely it will be a fun thing to try out and let you have fun on its famous trails as well as in butterfly garden. Must say good luck for your plan and surely there will be fun memories to collect for you.
  • AnaishaAnaisha April 2017
    Wow, Albern James, It is really a smart choice by your Grandfather to take your Grand Mother around the Lake Atitlán and spend some relishing moments of the life on the lake. I will wish them best of luck nad hope it will be fun for both of them. I must like to read their experience after my bus tours from boston. Will you like to share here?
  • Johnny Jack April 2017
    Lake Atitlán is a known due to its Mayan villages. It is the body of the water. Your grandfather can enjoy the impressive and heart touching views of the water. I think it is a golden chance for you to explore this beautiful place. SO I suggest you should ho there with your grandfather for having fun.

  • BradenBraden July 2017
    I have no idea about the place and have never been to there yet in my life. I will like to say that after just taking my niagara falls from nyc . I will surely like to make a move around it soon as possible.