have to postpone
  • AnaishaAnaisha March 20
    I am feeling really bad to tell you all that I have to postpone my cherry blossom trips till 22 March 2017. Actually, I was going to take this tour on 19 March but sudden snowfall changed the weather and cherry festival delayed due to it. So, Will go there after few days and hope will see such exotic views which I really wanna see.
  • Don't be sad at this. I also one of those who is waiting anxiously for Cherry season to see pink flowers all around. Hope so now no more sudden changes will delay the cherry season. Because I can't wait for more. Anyway, good luck with your plan and hope will remain the best way to try out.
  • Yeah, Anaisha due to heavy snow falling around the Washington DC everyone has to postpone his tour. I am also one of them who just canceled her trip due to the weather but no problem we will be there soon i am sure.
  • Emily Watson, It's good to see your sprit and happy to tell you dude now no more wait for going toward it. It's a time to go ahead and enjoy fun there. so, make a move and have a great time Anaisha and Emily. Good luck to you both for having a great time ahead.
  • AnaishaAnaisha March 25
    Its cool that both of you guys liked to reply me here. Well, I think it's a perfect time to enjoy the cherry blossom and I have packed my bag for this. I will o to take a tour of there tomorrow with my family. We will stay in DC for three days and try to explore all parts of it. Hope that will be really an exciting experience for us.
  • BradenBraden June 8
    Yeah, this year it was a bit irritating cause i also have to postpone my trip of Cherry blossom in Dc almost about two or three times due to its climate. But finally enjoyed there after my maid of the mist ny. It was a good way of my life and i had enjoyed there so much.