What will you say ?
  • I am keen to know about the weather condition of DC because have a plan to go for it to enjoy boat tours washington dc for making cherry blossom time remarkable for me. One of my friends told me Cherry blossom festival not started due to sudden changes in temperature. So, can you let me know the exact information bout it to plan my tour according to that. So, must share if you have any sort of information.
  • AnaishaAnaisha March 20
    Well, Harrey Jhone, It's really sad for me as well to tell you that Cherry Blossom is not started in DC due to sudden snowfall in the early Morning on 19 March 2017. :( If you wanna enjoy it so have to wait until the festival starts.

    Would like to relish cherry blossom season tours
  • It's really sad to hear about the weather forecast and surely have to wait until the festival starts. I will do so because love this season and can't miss a chance to enjoy some time with mates. I will go for it as the festival will start with all of its fun ways to make exciting time there.
  • Anaisha! I must say that this is really sad and annoying for me as well. I was just so ready for taking a tour of Washington DC for cherry blossom season and surely this will be a great time period for me. So now have to wait for it. So stay connected guys and hopefully, will find a chance of exploring there soon.
  • Now, what will you say guys about the weather condition of DC? Is it change or still snow falling? I am looking for latest updates and hope you guys keep updating me in this way and let me decide to be around DC on the peak time of Cherry season. So, looking to read more from your side.
  • AnaishaAnaisha March 25
    Well, Harey Jhone, Today the weather od DC is fine. It's not snow falling in DCright now. The temperature is 24°C | °F which is bit cloudy. The administration has announced the dates of 25 to 26 March 2017 fro the starting of Cherry blossom festival.
  • BradenBraden June 8
    Adorably informative stuff you guys have shared here. I hope that after that my father could be there after his niagara falls day tours of DC as he is thinking to be there from a long time. Finally, he will be able to be there.