Bora Bora
  • I am going to enjoy my friend birthday party in Bora Bora resort. I am very excited about that because through this will get a chance to spend some time with each other. Here is a problem that is I can't take decision what I should give her in this occasion. So let me suggest what your mind say about this?
  • Are you talking about Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora? Must share with me.
    As you are looking for gift then must say you can give her a ring or any bracelet. Most of the girls love jewelry and hope so she like your gift and love to wear that.
  • Yeah, buddy, I am talking about the worldwide most famous resort in Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora. This is a great place where I am going to have fun in next days. I am very excited for that and would like to know about this,
    Anyway, would you like to share some collection of jewelry with me here?
  • I think you wanna give a gift to your beloved but dude for that I can't favor you because I never take interest in jewelry and ever leave this corner up to my girlfriend to choose herself. I just go with her in mall and pay for it. No more than this.
  • AnaishaAnaisha March 15
    Wow, Albern James, Your friend is really lucky yo have a friend like you and she is going to celebrate her birthday with you at Bora Bora resort. I have heard that it is such a cool destination for celebrations and making special days fantastic. Have you arranged anything there till yet or not?

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  • Anaisha, I am sure He decide everything as he is caring that shows through words.
    Anyway buddy do you ever enjoyed time to go for fun around any resort like Bora Bora ? If yes, then saher with us frankly. UI would love ot read your story and maybe then make a plan to go for that option.
  • AnaishaAnaisha March 17
    Well, No, Harey Jhone, I have never tried anything like this Bora Bora resort. I have only heard about it that it is a cool kind of attraction for the celebrations. Although have no personal experience about it
  • so, Anaisha make your plan to go for it and hope so you will enjoy your time fully as it sounds cool place to you. Go ahead and enjoy your time fully. Make sure to plan a tour as soon as you could so surely will be one of the best travel time for you,.
  • Getting a chance of exploring Bora Bora resort on your friend birthday is one of the most admirable chance. I think you all should go there as soon as possible. While visiting it you could have some beautiful time with its majestic places and things you like to do there. So I will suggest you to don't forget to take your camera with you it will be very helpful for you all for sure.
  • Yeah!! I have arranged all those things which were necessary for such kind of celebration. We are back after enjoying this and would love to say that have a great kind of experience while mine visit. I have no words to say something about in words. so simply everything was splendid and become a source of a smile on her face.

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  • The really nice discussion is going here about this island. I am feeling bad to tell you that I have never been there and I have no information about this island. I read about this pace and get information about this through your this conversation. By the way, I wanna see some images of this island can anyone share here?
  • Johnny Jack! I will say that, I have been to there visited Bora Bora once in my life and that was a pretty appreciative time for me. I will just love t have some fun on that while taking images of it again. last time i just forgot to keep my camera with me and can't capture some images of it.
  • Sure Johnny here I am going to share some images which I have captured while mine visit. image
    I hope you will like theses images.
  • Well, Buddy, I am so sure that this will be a great time period for me and for all others too. I would say that just try to have some fun there a lot and this would be a great time period for me to be there at pretty gorgeous place at all.
  • BradenBraden July 26
    Bora Bora is really the best place for couples they just love to spend some romantic and most promising time with on another. So my brother and his wife also enjoyed their honeymoon there and had a great time there ahead with each other.
  • Albern jAMes ! I would like to say that you have shared an impressive and cool image of this place shared here. I really like this image because it shows nature beauty. After seeing this image I think it is a great place for enjoying the blue water view of nature beauty and sightseeing. I will explore this place in my next days.