The question regarding a career for the woman?
  • chuntian520 February 2017
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    锘? Before rushing like mad to marry, it is necessary to discuss many of your habits and outlooks on life. As you gather on the Russian woman, it strengthens a state of affairs not only because of a difference in education, and not just in that only a difference that you the man and the woman, such marriage always affects a condition of your finances, and more so divorce from for hasty accepted decisions on a marriage.
    Here some things, in my opinion are important questions which it is necessary to not forget to ask and answer each other:

    Whether or not you love children? If children are not present, whether you wish to have children in a joint life? It is very important. Frequently the man and the woman create a family, and it turns out that men already have a child from the previous marriage and it wishes to live for himself. While the woman dreams of the child or the contrary.
    Such questions are better for discussing in advance.

    The question regarding a career for the woman? If she wishes to build career you should state the attitude to her. If it wishes to be the housewife and to bring up children you should fore know this about her and then the same for you so it is not a surprise?

    Your interests? If you like to watch TV on your days off such as football or to visit all football matches and without her not represent? You will find common language in your interests should not be crossed and give joint time only to you to the two of you for interesting impressions and joint hobbies.

    The attitude on smoking? If to you the smoking woman is not necessary dont test illusions that for the sake of you it can to stop smoking in the future.
    The same concerns also for you. Though for many Russian women it is not an obstacle if you certainly do not smoke one cigarette for another, being in own bedroom for example Cheap Jerseys , it already changes business. Be prepared to take it outside.

    The attitude of where to live? Here it is big I shall tell to you. If you like to live in the nature, to listen in loneliness to a rustle of the foliage of trees and to look on running past fibers, and your girlfriend loves noise of a mega city, a trip by the underground and to happen in crowded places I am not assured that there is such place on the earth to satisfying all your general inquiries.
    If you have children from the previous marriage and you visit them each day off it is necessary to notify the girlfriend on correspondence. Many Russian women suffer in loneliness on all days off and it is necessary to consider in advance or you can spend days off all together or than your future wife will be engaged at this time.

    Also it is necessary to find out at once the attitude of your children to your future marriage, especially if they live with you. Sometimes children disapprove to marriage and psychological conditions can be heated in such family. I shall not go into details, but consequences can be sad. Talk to children, tell them about your woman, describe all its advantages and as all of you it will be together good.

    Concerns also of your native mum, brothers and sisters. If to you their opinion is dear, specify as they concern to your future marriage. Though the attitude of family is sharp it will change at acquaintance and is frequent in the best party, and is clear in fact you marry the Russian woman.

    You will be probably surprised , but I heard that a wedding did not take place once because the woman slept in the mornings longer than of the man can sleep. So if who that of you likes to sleep in target till a dinner while another rises together with a dawn and rustles in the house, stirring another to sleep, to you also will be uneasy. Even such fine details need to be discussed.

    I need to mention about joint conducting housekeeping, for many women it is not a problem, to carry the great bulk charges with all business on the house on her shoulders but if you help, she to you will be simply grateful. However, also it is superfluous she will not ask.

    That I wished to tell in this article. Will pass not one month while there will come your turn to receive the visa but in many months. It is necessary to correspond easily, and it will be effective, to write letters every day and to speak by phone. Try to find out as much as possible your things in common and your different outlooks on life. And if you will understand that your love will help to overcome all these disagreements then it is possible to receive safely the visa and to invite the girl to you, especially at you will confirm or deny in three months your opinion and to make the final decision.

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