Washington Monument
  • Soren January 8
    Washington Monument is another attractive attraction which is located in DC. This attracts to the travelers and offers all a chance to have a lavish time by enjoying different activities there. So let me know what do you like to say about this great spot? Hope you will share here.

    Any idea about bus tours from washington dc?
  • Brinkman January 10
    Washington Monument beautiful landmark in the world Washington, D.C that built-in honor of America's first president. If you are going around it then it will remain the best plan for you to collect exciting moments. Must say make a move ahead and enjoy your time fully. Don't miss to add few other attractive places on your hit list.
  • Johnny Jack January 11
    Soren! I am going to agree with you, the Washington Monument is also one of the best spots in DC according to the traveling point of view. This great Monument is a landmark in DC which is added in the list of best historic places. The fact is that, people like DC due to these massive attractions which appeal the traveler's lots. I also take DC tour once again after my niagara falls visit from new york.