• ylq January 4
    I am always deeply grateful, thinking of my enlightenment teachers, they are, in my young mind, sown the seeds of knowledge, the truth of being human [url=www.cheapcigarettesfamily.com]Fb Distributors Marlboro Cigarettes[/url], and helped me correct many shortcomings [url=www.vonderhain.com/marlboro]Carton Of Newport Price[/url]. the class, I have always been a good student. The teacher��s praise is very common. However, maybe the teacher praised me for too many reasons. Most of those praises have been forgotten, but the teacher��s education for me is in my The memory has left a deep imprint, which is unforgettable for a long time.emember when I was in the fourth grade, Teacher Xie always took me to the playground to run in the morning, but I always didn't want to run. Once, when I was running, I was absent-minded. I didn��t pay attention to it. I kicked a big rock. I didn��t stand on my feet. I slammed it on the ground. In fact, it was not very heavy, but I was loud. I cried, probably everyone in the school heard my crying. I thought that this way, Teacher Xie would run over, pick me up, comfort me like a mother, let me rest, stop running. It is. I was thinking so naively, this is, the teacher Xie, who was leading, heard the sound and saw me sitting on the ground. Studying committee member Yang Yang is coming to help me, but she was stopped by Xie. The ridiculous thing is that I thought that Teacher Xie would help me personally, but I never thought that Xie teacher came to me, just gently. In my ear, I said, "Xiao Qian, stand up! The teacher believes that you are the most brave [url=www.cheapcigarettesfamily.com]Newport 100S Carton Cheap And Free Shipping[/url]. It doesn't matter if you fall. Just stand up. After that, on your long life, in your study and work. In the middle, you will encounter difficulties as you are today, but you have to know that those who are arrogant in the face of difficulties are often those who are weak [url=www.cheapcigarettesfamily.com]Cheapest Marlboro Red 100 Carton[/url]. The teacher knows that you will not be willing but a weak one, right? You must not be Difficult to be intimidated, to be strong! To dry your tears! Stand up bravely, so that you can lead to the road to success!" I listened, and I nodded, seemed to understand, nodded, wiped my tears, stood up And slowly ran up that time [url=www.100scigarettes.com]Buy Newport 100'S Cigarettes Online[/url], Teacher Xie also praised me specially, and asked everyone to learn from me. My heart is so sweet, it is sweeter than just eating honey! At the same time, I also remembered a sentence - "falling up and getting up", it will benefit me for lifeurned out that I was inferior, because I was not very good-looking. I thought that I was a veritable "ugly duckling" among many students. It was Teacher Luo, who helped me open this knot.