East coast regions
  • Washington DC
    New York
    I decided that next month, I will enjoy all of these popular destinations of the east coast region. Because, as you know that in this region, these destinations are perfect to visit. By the way, I will explore all of these destinations through taking the east coast tours. However, what are your plans regarding these destinations?
  • MirrahMirrah January 5
    Johnny Jack, It is really nice to know that you have decided to visit all of these places of the east coast usa to have a fun time. It will not be false to say that these places are seriously awesome and have lots of enjoyable points to make the fun memories. I will say you good luck for the trip and must visit Empire State Building during the tour to have more fun.
  • Johnny Jack January 15
    I am happy you give me best wishes regarding my trip. I also like your suggested place and will explore it while my tour. No doubt the Empire State Building is also a nice attraction to visit in NYC. I am sure through exploring these places, I will get a nice sort of experience.
  • MirrahMirrah January 16
    Johnny Jack, It is really good to know that you liked my opinion about the East Coast bus tour and now ready to visit the Empire State Building to have a fun time. I am full of hope that it is going to be fully a calling time for you. Must share your journey experience with all of us here after coming back as I will wait to read that.
  • Johnny Jack January 17
    Mrirra! I will share my experience with you when I will come back from my trip. Because due to your suggestions, I am sure I will enjoy more fun there By the way, what are your plans for traveling for coming up days?