La Fontaine Park
  • MirrahMirrah January 2
    La Fontaine Park is the last place which I have visited during my vacation packages from montreal and had a really great time there. It is really a beautiful park which is located in Montreal and offers many activities to try out and have fun like wandering, running, picnicking, photography, bird watching and so on. I had enough fun while being there.
  • Soren January 2
    You are right Mirrah, La Fontaine Park is a dynamic spot for achieving a good time period. This is a lovely place and had enjoyed all these activities there with buddies in last days. Anyway, buddy, let me know what do you like to say about spending time there in winters?

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  • Brinkman January 7
    Will love to go for La Fontaine Park to have fun with mates in the next few days. Hope spending time there will be a great idea for me. If you guys have any photo collection from this park then can share frankly here. I am keen to see and love to be around this spot for a different travel experience.