weekend tours from montreal
  • MirrahMirrah January 2
    I am feeling glad to let all of you know that I am just back after taking the weekend tours from montreal and had a really great time there. Montreal is such a lovely place to try out with friends to see the astonishing places and try out various ventures to have lots of fun. Have you ever taken this trip?
  • Soren January 2
    Mirrah, I am going to say that knowing about your experience regarding Montreal feeling pleasure. cause this is a famous place among travelers and personally like to go there for trying something new always. let me know what do you think what should enjoy in winters? I will see your views after enjoy all inclusive vacation deals from washington dc.
  • Brinkman January 7
    No, Mirrah Never enjoyed a weekend in Montreal but after reading your post seems to me going there could be a great experience. Will consider about this place to have fun with family members if you love to share here what kind of things to do there according to you? I am here to read and looking for your reply here.
  • Soren January 8
    Brinkman, you have raised the nice question here. it's good and like you I am also willing to know from her what she wants to recommend with all of us about this. So stay connected like me.
  • Johnny Jack January 11
    Mirrah! what a coincidence, like you, I have also enjoyed weekend tours from montreal to Niagara falls for 2-days with my family members. I had also enjoyed a great sort of fun there and got such memorable memories from this trip. In fact, like you, we have also explored incredible places there. I suggest other travelers also try to take this tour for having fun.