• Johnny Jack December 2018
    Will you like to explore the Samoa country in the starting days of the New Year? Actually, I ask this question to all the members before I wanna know about this. I read that this country is best for celebrating the New Year first and after this, I plan to visit it. But before this, I am keen to read other travelers views regarding Samoa. So must share here.

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  • YashitaYashita January 1
    Samoa is not new to me but has never been there in my life ever. It is totally untouched for me. But my dad had been there once in life and also wanna book a tour for me. I am interested to see its beauty and for that want to read which places are the best for visiting there and what is best to go around it.
  • MirrahMirrah January 2
    Johnny Jack, It is cool to know that you are going to explore Samoa country in the next days to have fun. I will suggest you some names of the places to must try out there such as,
    Mount Vaea
    Piula Cave Pool
    Taumeasina Island
    Papaseea Sliding Rocks
    Vailima Botanical Garden
    Palolo Deep Marine Reserve
    Robert Louis Stevenson Museum
    Samoa Cultural Village, Eleéle Fou, Samoa
  • Mirrah! First of all, I appreciate you on this shared massive stuff. In your post, you shared a nice list of Samoa country attractions which I really like. Secondly, I say that I added all of these attractions of this city in my cart and will explore there while tour. Would you like to share that have you ever visited these places personally in your life?
  • Soren January 15
    Samoa is a country which is located in Oceania. This is a beautiful spot where traveling freak like to go and have a fun sort of time always. I also had been there once with my mates there and enjoy a good time by exploring its attractions which Mirrah have added here. that's why would like to say must try this spot least once.

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