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    During the long summer vacation, I read Howe's Fairy Tales. This book is one of the most outstanding representatives of German fairy tales, but also a brilliant jewel in the world of fairy tales. Like Grimm's Fairy Tales, "Fairy Fairy Tale" is not only a household name in Germany, but also translated into various languages, which have been loved and recognized by children all over the world. The book can be said to be rich and colorful in terms of subject matter and artistic style. The sentences in the book are easy and humorous.e are seven stories in the book, "The Crane of the Crane", "The Little Dwarf Muck", "The Story of the False Prince", "The Young Englishman", "The Long Nose Dwarf", "The Destiny of Side", Cold heart. In the story "Xianhe Khalifa", a king who got the magical magic box unfortunately turned into a crane. Later, after a lot of hardships, he finally changed back to the human form and returned to the palace Cheap Newport 100 Cigarettes. The story faintly satirizes and ridicules the hypocrisy and power struggle of the aristocrats. "The Story of the Fake Prince" tells the story of a well-thought-out but vain little tailor, Ba Kang, who accidentally got a royal costume, posing as a nobleman, impersonating the prince, and finally being exposed. Revealing the love and greed of the civic class I think the most ironic story in all stories is Young English. This is a story that is both spicy and laughs. It is said that an orangutan in a circus pretends to be a gentleman and is mixed into the upper class. The orangutans who do not say any human language are not only aor of this fairy tale is William of Germany Buy Marlboro 100 Cigarettes Online. Hauff. The book is full of wonderful mood, everyone is going to buy a book to see it!
    g of "Pinocchio", this is a household name, and its author is the famous children's writer Kolodi. The story of this book shows us a living example of a ��naughty bag��. Let me understand how to work hard to become a real good boy. tells a piece of talking wood Newport 100S Carton Price, made a small puppet by Japeri, and named "Pinocchio." Because of the fun, Pinocchio sold Jeremy��s literacy textbook in a single coat and went to the circus, then left home. Along the way, he encountered a sly "disabled" fox, who was brought to play with his classmates and turned into a stupid idiot, but it met a kind of fair-haired fairy with sky blue hair. After the teaching of the fairy, Pinocchio became a real child from a lying, lazy puppet, to an honest, brave, hardworking childio is neither a bad boy and a impeccable angel. He is just one of the thousands of children in the world, like a naughty ghost next door, a naughty bag like a classmate, or even himself. Like most children, he is kind and intelligent, but there are many shortcomings, which makes people feel intimate, as if they are themselves. After reading this book, I understand that a person will encounter many setbacks in the process of growing up Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, but he can't back down. In all kinds of setbacks, never give up the process of hope, as people often say, "Do not abandon, do not give up." This is also the case in learning. There is no shortcut to learning in a down-to-earth manner.mentioned Pinocchio, I thought of myself. I used to be very playful, like the summer vacation. I have a summer vacation because I feel that I have less homework and I don��t do much every day. I only want to play computer and watch TV every day. I only know how to play without worry. However Cigarette Wholesale Online, time passed quickly, I thought I had less homework, and I was too busy in the last few days. If someone asked me to play for a while, I would definitely not hesitate to go with him. From this, I understand that there must be a scale in playing, and I can't play it all the time, and I can't forget my own things. When you have mistakes, parents are like correcting trees, just like the sly and fairy of the people in the book, helping you all the time, constantly overcoming and correcting their shortcomings and mistakes, becoming passionate about learning, knowing how to eat. And be willing to help others so that you can become a valuable person.