North America
  • Johnny Jack December 1
    I am going to share with all of you, those places in North America, which are best to visit in 2019. I am sure to share places, names will prove useful for the traveling lovers.
    Puerto Rico
    Puebla, Mexico
    Maui, Hawaii
    Franklin, Tennessee
    Park City, Utah
    Detroit, Michigan
    Tofino, Canada

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  • MirrahMirrah December 1
    Johnny Jack, I am going to say that it is really an amazing sharing from your side here about the best places of North America to visit in 2019 and have a great time. I liked all of the names and now wanna know about Franklin, Tennessee in details from you. What do you say about its tourism and attractions?
  • Brinkman December 1
    Johnny Jack , I have listed up these names and love to explroe these in next months to make fun memories. Puebla, Mexico will be on my hit list. If you have something to share about it then can say frankly here. Looking for replies and love to plan a tour toward it for sure.

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  • Johnny Jack December 6
    Nice to hear that both of you like these shared places which are best to visit in 2019. Anyhow, Mirrah, you said that you keen to know about the Franklin, Tennessee. Let me share with you, Franklin is an adorable city of Tennessee which is located in the south of Nashville. People really like to visit this city due to its attractions and collection of the 9th-century furniture of 1858 Lotz House. When you will explore this city personally then you will get information about this more.