Whirlpool state park
  • Johnny Jack November 2018
    The Whirlpool state park is an attractive state park in Niagara fall. In this state park, travelers really like to enjoy hiking, cable car, fishing and boat riding there because these are those interesting activities which are famous for enjoying the having fun. It is a great place for spending a quality time with family members and friends around the natural beauty. So I recommend travelers should explore this state park.

    I come back from the new york to niagara falls tours.
  • Jennifer November 2018
    It's great to read about this one location. I am alos willing to get stuff about this location for making not familiar to me. would love to be around The Whirlpool state park once while traveling. Well. I m willing to know about the hiking trails names and the charges of cable car ride. Do anyone like to let me know here?
  • Soren November 2018
    Whirlpool state park good spot for getting good memories in summer vacation near the Niagra falls. This place adores me always and glad to tell you that had been there while trips from dc to Niagara falls with some of my friends. I had a fun sort of time by enjoying jet boat ride and photography as well. Anyway, jeni, Whirlpool Rapids Trail is the best trail for enjoy hiking around this park.
  • Brinkman November 2018
    Johnny, I have noted your suggestion and will make sure to be there for more fun. Here would like to read how much time to spend there? I hope you suggest me right. Will wait to read more from your side. Wanna go there with family members and love to try all fun activities there.