• Johnny Jack November 2018
    I come back from the new york to niagara falls by bus a few days ago. While this tour, I have enjoyed the charming views of Niagara fall, the charm of the nature beauty Watkins Glen Park, an attractive and mind-blowing collection of Corning Glass Museum, and as well as spent outstanding time at Old Fort Niagara, and Whirlpool State Park. All of these things made my tour fabulous and unforgettable for me.
  • Jennifer November 2018
    Its looks a complete pace that you have enjoyed. All the places are so much nice where you have been around while getting great memories. would love to know more about the Whirlpool State Park as this is an untouched location for me around Niagra Falls. Hoped this could give me good incentive to add this one in my next travel cart. Do let me know massive details about this?
  • Brinkman November 2018
    It's good to read you had a great time to be there. Here would like to read your views about Whirlpool State Park. So, what you like there can say frankly here. I am looking to read and will wait for your reply. I also have a plan to go with day trips from washington toward New York to see all these places around me.