Hello! The topic of my speech tod
  • gfgfgfgfgfgf5 November 2018
    Hello! The topic of my speech today is "I love the motherland."ifty-six constellations fifty-six flowers, fifty-six brothers and sisters are one, fifty-six languages ??merge into one sentence, love me, China loves me, China loves me China..." Yes! We cannot do without the motherland. do people always compare their motherland to their mother? Someone said: "The motherland fed us with the milk of her river." Someone said: "The motherland has embraced us with her broad mind." This is of course true. Because no matter what other words, we can not express our deep feelings for the motherland [url=www.cigars-home.com]Cigarette Online[/url], and only the word "mother" can express our most loyal [url=www.cigars-home.com]Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url], pure, sincere, deepest and greatest feelings to the motherland.s, the motherland, the mother, the mother, the motherland, is so closely connected and united. the motherland is poor, her people are hungry and frozen; when the motherland is weak [url=www.npsmoking.com]Cigarettes For Sale[/url], her people are humiliated and deceived; when the motherland is rich, her people are happy and happy; when the motherland is strong [url=www.usa-newports.com]Marlboro Lights[/url], her The people will stand tallhistory, how many Chinese sons and daughters love their country as much as their own folks. Qu Yuan bouldered to the river, for the motherland; Wen Tianxiang's generous and sad songs for the motherland; Lu You's poems for children, for the motherland. Tan Yitong faces the knife and his face does not change color. He is also the motherland. For the motherland, generations of heroes and children have given their blood and life. Xun said: "Only the national soul is worthy of preciousness. Only when it is carried forward can China make real progress." We are the children of the motherland. Under the care and education of the party, we are thriving. We must keep in mind the party. The teachings, improving their own quality, learning science and technology, and cultivating themselves as "social successors with ideals, ethics, culture, and discipline", we must hold forward the great banner of Deng Xiaoping Theory. We must use blood to revitalize the mother's vitality, and use life to rejuvenate the glory of the mother's youth! Hello everyone! The topic of my speech today is "Five Dreams Five Thousand Years."u��s story, do you know? That is the exploration of light; the myth of Jingwei reclamation, have you heard it? That is the desire of Gaoxia to go out of Pinghu. Up and down five thousand years, 90,000 miles. Our ancestors never gave up on the pursuit of the unknown, the exploration of technology.was the first country in the world to record the sunspots of Sunspots, Halley's comets, and supernovas? - China; who is the first country to adopt the equatorial coordinates? ����China; Who is the first country to invent the decimal system? --China. We have great four inventions, we have the great mathematician Zu Chongzhi, we have the great scientist Zhang Heng, we have the great navigator Zheng He, we have been proud to lead the world for two thousand years, we have maintained the level with the world for two hundred years, But we have also fallen behind the world for a century. Our four inventions have made the Western powers strong ship guns, they used our own invention to penetrate the door of China's run-down. History has proved time and time again that it is necessary to be beaten behind, to be self-respecting, to be self-sufficient, not to be aggressive, and to inevitably destroy the country. Only by advancing with the times, developing and innovating, inventing and innovating can we stand in the world and stand out from ogant, we used our own soil workshop to create atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs. We can also hear China��s ��Oriental Red�� in distant space. Our �϶� �϶� �� ��Our Shenzhou 6 and Shenzhou 7 launches successfully. Our science and technology Olympics have been realized. Even foreigners have planted our Chinese Yuan Longping hybrid ricnovation and technological innovation, as well as high-tech industrialization. Scientific and technological innovation has increasingly become an important foundation and symbol of the liberation and development of today's social productive forces, and it has increasingly determined the development process of a country and a nation. If we can't innovate, it will be difficult for a nation to prosper and it will be difficult to stand in the forest of the nations of the world. Only by vigorously advancing scientific and technologicent concept and the Chinese��s dream of a strong country have never been interrupted. The blizzard can block the return journey, but it does not extinguish the enthusiasm of the powerful country; the earthquake can overturn the heavens and the earth [url=www.npsmoking.com]Newport Cigarettes Price[/url], but it does not shake the spirit of the nation. The stronger the Chinese nation is, the stronger it will be. We, young people of the new era, our youth needs to use knowledge to sway, our brain needs to be armed with technology, and our motherland and our nation need us to be the pillars.ding poetry makes people show, mathematics makes people rigorous, science makes people profound, and everyone learns and becomes a personality. Learning is clear, Ming is through, general rules change, change is strong.