USA West Coast trip
  • Johnny Jack November 2018
    I would like to say that my friends are making a plan to enjoy the trips to USA West Coast in the next days for exploring Crater Lake National Park, Steel Bridge, Pioneer Courthouse Square, Grotto, Rose Quarter, and many other places there. I like my friend's planning and decided that I must join my friends while this tour. By the way, what all of you say and suggest me regarding this tour?
  • Timeon November 2018
    Regarding West Coast USA you shortlisted nice names. To go around all these points it could be a fun plan for you. So, make a move ahead and enjoy your time with friends. Park’s volcanic formations, Natural beauty, Mountains and many other things will let you enjoy your time fully. So, book travels toward Crater Lake National Park and enjoy yourself fully.
  • MirrahMirrah November 2018
    Johnny Jack, It is really good to see that you are going to take trips to USA West Coast to see the superior and lovely places during the tour to have a un time. The mentioned places are looking great and I would love to get some details about Rose Quarter here. WIll you share with us?
  • Brinkman November 2018
    Your mentioned names are cool. It could be a fun plan for you to have been around these all places especially Crater Lake National Park. Timeon is right its natural beauty and many other things to do will let you collect exciting memories. So, just make a move ahead and enjoy yourself fully. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

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  • Johnny Jack November 2018
    I read all the members replies and happy because everyone like this plan and gives such wonderful suggestions regarding my tour. Timeon, your post is great because, in your post, you share with me some great points which are best for enjoying the tour. So while my tour, I will try to do these things and enjoying having fun there.