Florence, Italy
  • Soren October 10
    Today let's talk about the charming and interesting place which spell as Florence, Italy. This is a great place which is filled with many attractions like various museums, alluring churches, and rich cuisine. I must say that this is an own kind of place where I like to go this winter vacations and love to know what do you all will like to say about this?

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  • Timeon October 10
    You are right about Florence that its a great city with a variety of things to do. Anyway, would you like to tell me something about its cuisine that you love to taste there? I hope you will have a satisfactory answer in this regard. Looking to read and will love to be there once again.

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  • MirrahMirrah October 12
    Florence, Italy is my unle';s favotire destination all over the world. He is a big fan of this place due to its impressive sights and majestic views of natural beauty as e visited this place once and had a great time there. The attractions of this city are worth seeing as he also suggested me to visit this place after my hershey park bus trip to have a nice time there.