Haystack Rock
  • Soren September 2018
    Make a light on good features of Haystack Rock that can explore in Oregon. My dad had shared this place name with me last week but unfortunately ca't ask from him what to do there and when to go there. This is the reason I am here to ask you. Then try your best and share some good information.

    Any suggestion for west coast tour?
  • MirrahMirrah September 2018
    Soren, It is bad for me to say that I am having no idea about the Haystack Rock. This is a new name for me as I have never tried anything like this yet. I will like to collect details about it after mine niagara falls tour from new york city and then will surely share with you here.
  • Timeon September 2018
    Haystack Rock known for its formation. People love to walk up to the rock although its not allowed. Anyway, you can enjoy exciting time aorund this rock and make your travel time full of fun memories.
  • Johnny Jack October 2018
    Soren! Feeling not happy to say that I don't know about the Haystack Rock, it is an untouched place for me. I heard this place name for the first time. But I like this place name and really like to get information about new places. So I will try to get sufficient stuff about the Haystack Rock and then share here.