The spring breeze of June
  • ylq September 10
    The spring breeze of June blew into the campus, and everyone came to the school wearing a festive dress. The face was full of smiles and the campus was completely renewed, because today is the festival of our Children's Day.We moved to our chair and couldn��t wait to come to the playground. First of all, the national flag was raised, and the honor guard��s classmates came to the national flag with an infuriating pace. As the national anthem sounded, the national flag gradually rose. The celebration of Children's Day officially began.The students performed a cultural show Newport Cigarettes Price. The children performed for us "the ancient rhyme spring". The clothes they wear are like the Kanto Han. Advocating and waving, the red dragonfly is also dancing, this drum is very rhythmic and melody. This waist drum is the characteristic of our Manchu. Everyone is afraid to see this wonderful program involuntarily stand up and watch the lively performances of the children.he second-grade children��s performances were three and a half brilliant, which made the audience laugh. The lines inside are very interesting, plus their innocent and childish language. No wonder everyone loves three and a half words!After the show Marlboro Red 100S, we went to the exhibition board again. The first thing that caught the eye was the paper-cutting of the students, and the paper-cuts were vivid and lively. Paper-cutting Lei Feng is exactly the same as it is really Marlboro Cigarettes. I can't help but admire: What a clever little angel! I also saw the electronic tabloids of the classmates. The background of the writings in the writings is very fresh, and people will be happy when they see them.Back in the class we have a lot of fun games, and I like balloon shots the most. The teacher asked the students to blow up six balloons and put a wire into an iron frame to cast the balloon inside. Tan Jiawei made the first vote of Pioneer. Everyone cheered for him, the first one did not enter, until the fifth he learned the lesson. I scored a goal and everyone cheered. Look at him on the field, dancing and beaming. Finally arrived at me, I came to the iron frame with a balloon Carton Of Marlboro Reds, I looked so close, my heart could not help but secretly happy. I thought I could vote, but I thought it was easy and it was difficult to do it. I was looking for a good direction, but the balloon was too light and flew to the side. Then I voted a few and didn't vote. I was in a hurry. Then I voted a few times or did not vote, I think although I did not vote for one Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, but focus on participation!Happy June 1st, innocent childlikeness, Children's Day is our happiest holiday!