Everything has the spirit to let us
  • ylq September 2018
    Everything has the spirit to let us learn. Even a very common rubber. Candles... even a trivial spider. antChalk also has the spirit that I deserve to learn. There are a lot of chalk coats, there are: yellow. white. purple. Blue...the body is thin and long. I was at school, watching the teacher holding it every day, grinding it on the blackboard with his body and grinding it. A piece of chalk was used up in the hands of the teacher. I think: a chalk may last only an hour or even a few minutes? Some teachers throw away the chalk when it is not used up Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. This is a waste of chalk life! When I saw the teacher gradually writing a piece of chalk Cheap Cigarettes, the words appeared line by line on the blackboard. This is the chalk and then use our own life to impart knowledge to us, so that we can become more knowledgeable. Chalk exchanges knowledge for us with our own life, and I never expect to get anything, but just dedicate in silence. Whenever I see a piece of chalk disappearing, it is like the fire of its own life is burning, and the words on the blackboard are like the diary of its life. After a class, it disappears...he spirit of this kind of chalk silent dedication is not something that everyone can do. Let us learn, let us, like chalk, give a silent contribution to others!The autumn sky is far and calm. The blossoming white clouds are like a leafy canoe, floating in a leisurely manner, just like my thoughts. 400 meters is like a boundary. No matter how hard you can't go beyond it, it's hard to take a step. For me who rarely exercise, this number can't be expanded anyway. I almost desperately watched the sun fall into the horizon Marlboro Cigarettes Price, only to find that my shadow can be pulled so long.Two days later, I stood on the 800-meter field and looked at the confident and confident opponents Marlboro Menthol 100S. I was timid. I looked up to see the sky, but I was stung by the sun. I jumped into the bottomless abyss, and the usual talkative and boldness has disappeared at this time.As the referee slammed a shot, I did not hesitate to rush out of the starting line. The first lap was easy Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, but when the insurmountable 400-meter boundary reappeared, it was like a giant beast, which made me feel horrified. At this time, one by one opponent passed by, with a firm expression on his face and tiredness that could not be concealed. My heart is clear and certain, it seems that the whole body is full of strength, how can it be released, I have already erupted at the fastest speed, and I feel that I really flew in a flash.