The teacher said: "Do you know wha
  • ylq September 10
    The teacher said: "Do you know what is the sweetest?" Some students said: "Sugar is the sweetest!" Some students are: "Honey is the sweetest!" Some students said: "The milkshake is The sweetest!" But I think, sugar plus honey and milkshake is the sweetest, because in my heart sugar is hard work, honey is persistence, milkshake is sweat, and three of them are successful in my heart.Once, a race was held in our community. My mother strongly recommended me to participate. Under my mother's persuasion, I signed up. I and other players put on the number and stood on the same starting line. The referee raised the gun and ��slammed�� and we rushed out of the starting line. On the last lap, everyone was panting, and I whipped up the last strength of the whole body and rushed past the end. I won, it is because I usually run in a small park on Saturday and Sunday morning Cigarettes Cheaper. As the saying goes: "One minute on the stage, ten years of work." My mother and I came home with prizes. I am very happy. I know that success is the sweetest. Those sugars, honey, and milkshakes are just material sweetness, and there is no real sweetness Marlboro Cigarettes Price. Without my daily efforts, there would be no success for me today Wholesale Cigarettes. How can I change my current success without the usual sweat?Success has made me happy in life. Success has made me understand the value of hard work. Success has made me know the spirit of persistence. This time I When I think of tomorrow, I will say goodbye to the beautiful campus, and I will not be able to get along with the teachers and classmates who are getting along with each other. I also clearly remember that six years ago, we were dependent on our parents and mothers, and with respect to the school, we admired the teacher and walked into the campus. The grassy playground, the quiet classroom of the window, the innocent and lovely classmates Newport 100S, the amiable teachers, the textbooks that scented the ink, everything is so tempting. Six years of study and life is like a colorful picture! Every morning, we walked into the gate of the school in the morning sun, and the campus that was silent for a night suddenly screamed our laughter Marlboro Lights. Morning exercise began, we lined up to the playground. That neat movement, that strong posture, really has a little military temperament! The class bell rang and we ran into education quickly. In the classroom, we listened attentively, read emotions, and heated up. Just like a seedling, you can enjoy the knowledge of the spring. Writing at 15 noon is our "compulsory course" every day. In the sound of the elegant and elegant people's music, we painted the red post in one stroke. From that square, I felt the profound and profound blog of Chinese culture. The extracurricular interest group work twice a week is especially popular with us. At this time, we rushed to our favorite little world, some learning computers, some rehearsing chorus, some going out to write, some making specimens... Six years later, we are thriving here. We have learned a lot of knowledge and skills, know how to be a person, and feel the joy and happiness of childhood, alma mater, alma mater. This is the spiritual wealth you give us, how can we forget!