Lantau Island
  • Brinkman September 1
    Can you share something about tourism in Lantau Island? I am keen to read here because will love to plan a tour toward it after us west coast tours. I am looking to read a quick reply because my father planning to go someone and this name come on the hit list but he is not familiar a lot about this island. So, he is a little bit confused.
  • MirrahMirrah September 3
    Brinkman, It is bad to say that I am having no idea about the Lantau Island as I have not heard this name before. I am just back from my niagra falls tours from new york and now will love to get details about this place to plan a tour of there in the next free time. Hope other members will share with us.
  • Johnny Jack September 4
    Lantau Island is that attraction in Hong Kong, which tourist never misses exploring in Hong Kong while the tour. It is the most beautiful island and peaceful place there which is also perfect for enjoying the great sort of fun. I am sure you will enjoy having fun there when you will explore this attractive place there.
  • MirrahMirrah September 13
    Johnny Jack, I read your post fully and I can see that you have enough information about the Lantau Island as you shared some points about it here. I would like to collect details about this island briefly. So, must share some names of the best thrilling activities to try out there.
  • BradenBraden September 14
    Lantau Island is really gorgeous and the best time for having some fun there. We will like to have a mesmerizing time for sure. I am gonna have some fun there and this will be lovely time for sure. So go around this and will have a precious way.