Travel time to be in California
  • Brinkman August 30
    I have an exciting travel experience to be around California. The best part was road trip so now looking to write a los angeles to san francisco road trip blog . Do you think will be a great idea to share those memoirs with other travelers? Should I write those memoirs?
  • BradenBraden August 31
    brinkman, That is really a good way to share your experience with others through writing a blog. I will love to read it personally and will be amazing to know what kind of things appeals you a lot with the places. I will love to try this after my ny niagara falls tours and hopefully i will enjoy too.
  • MirrahMirrah September 3
    I have been in California for more than 2 times in my life and that was really a great experience for me. I have visited many pleasant and exciting places of this state to have a fun time. Following are the names of my favorite places there like,
    Los Angeles
    San Francisco
    Danish Village
    Santa Barbra
    Yosemite National Park
  • Timeon September 24
    Yeah, buddy you should write a travel blog and share your experience with others. It could be inspiration for others to have more fun. I am sure you like response from readers. So, just go ahead for this and enjoy a new ting in life.
  • Brinkman! I think you should write a blog on the Los Angeles to San Francisco road trip, because, through this way, you can share your road trip experience with others and also share the information regarding this trip with all which will prove useful for all travelers who want to enjoy any trip like this. Best of luck!