Consolidated Gold Mine
  • Brinkman August 2018
    Have a plan to explore Consolidated Gold Mine as will get some free time after Tours from Los Angeles to see more. Hope going there will remain a unique kind of experience. Will make sure to explore few nearby attractions too for making more fun memories. Anyway, Guys If you have any suggestion regarding this tourist attraction then can share frankly here.
  • MirrahMirrah August 2018
    Consolidated Gold Mine is one of the best places to visit in Georgia and have a fun time. It is a good place to visit and see the Gold Mine from where the workers extract Gold. I am planning to be there after my boston to princeton bus tour cause I heard much about this and hope will have a nice time there.
  • Brinkman August 2018
    Hope so it will prove a fun plan to see Consolidated Gold Mine. Anyway, here would love to read other board member's responses to see what makes this destination exciting for visitors. I would like to read visitors replies here to know more details about it.
  • BradenBraden August 2018
    Consolidated Gold Mine is one of the new name for me, but being a traveling freak i will love to see this a lot more and more for sure. i am so sure that this will be such a great and lovely time for me to ahead to be there again and again for sure always ahead.
  • Johnny Jack September 2018
    Consolidated Gold Mine is a tourist attraction in Dahlonega. It is a great place for seeing new kinds of things and get a new kind of experience. I had visited this place a few months ago and enjoyed great fun there. I really like the staff of this place and really enjoy this wonderful place. I am sure when travelers will explore this place they will also enjoy there.
  • BradenBraden September 2018
    Dahlonega is really worth seeing a place and will make us feel so glad and will have some fun there always. I am gonna enjoy a lot and will let us enjoy so much all the time. i will like to make it great time as it.