Niagara falls tour from nj
  • I am going to take niagara falls tour from nj and for this tour, I pack touch light, cell phone, cell phone charger, water bottle, some comfortable clothes, some food, and other things like this. SO tell me these things are enough for carrying while this tour? If not then tell which more things I should pack in my nag?
  • BradenBraden July 19
    It is really impressive to know that it will make me feel so good and will have an amazing and best time for sure. So go for it and keep it more up and will be such a great and lovely time. go ahead and enjoy yourself with the things.
  • Timeon September 25
    Yeah, these are essenstionsl but it could make your luguge heavy to carry with you. I guess you should cansle food items becaue these could buy around Niagara falls. Because carring too much things could make your travel time disturbed in handling goods. Anyway, must say go ahead and enjoy yourself fully.
  • Timeon! You are right, through carrying the food items with me, will be luggage will be heavy and this will disturb me while my tour. So I cancel to take these items with me. I will act upon on your suggestion and will but food item from nearby the Niagra fall. By the way, I am happy you give me this nice suggest as well as best wishes for my tour.
  • Soren October 3
    Johnny, for this tour you should pack
    Medical Supplies,
    Weather Gear
    Miscellaneous Items
    and kid of other accessories which about you are very choosy and can't use of others.

    Soon I will like to be a part of east coast tours from nyc.