Know all about Bullion Badges and its advantages

  • Badges are an ideal way of rendering a unique identity to the teams. Bullion badge or club badges are often used to advertise a team, club, association or fraternities helping them stand out in the crowd. As known, whether it is a sport’s team or an advertising brand, each has their own symbol or logo which becomes a medium of their identity.

    What are bullion badges?

    These are Embroidered badges which are stitched to T-shirts and clothes. Designs are made using Bullion embroidery wherein each design is minutely sewed by hands rather than by machines.  These batches are not limited to just one color and can be made in different designs using varied colors.

    Bullion embroidery uses the technique of hand-stitched embroidery wherein each design is created by hand using minute details. But unlike directly sewing them to the clothes, they are made in the form of patches.

    What is the advantage of Bullion Badges?

    There are various advantages of Bullion Badge. As known, they provide a sense of unique identity to the individual and a sense of belonging to the team. Some of the advantages of these badges are:

    1.    They can be attached to any clothing

    These batches can be sewed to a different range of garments. One can attach them to bags, caps, jackets, shirts, T-shirts and much more.

    2.    Part of Uniform

    These are a common sight in academic uniforms. These are attached to uniforms, which renders the students a sense of belonging as being part of a team free of bias.

    3.    They can be custom made

    Apart from being part of a wide range of uniforms, one can also get their owns customized designs. They can be stitched in different dimensions and in any quantity required.

    These badges not only add a unique value, to the outfit but also helps in promoting the brand value amongst advertisers.