Why are the Niagara Falls so popular?
  • Soren July 6
    Let me know what do you think which thing makes Niagara Falls so popular among traveling freaks? On behalf of my experience will tell you that its collection of 3 falls make it charming and well known among fun-seeker. The second thing is that we can see this from two different places at the same time. What comes to your mind regarding this must drop here.

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  • Soren! There is no doubt both of these things make this waterfall more famous among the visitors. But I want to add something more here. This waterfall is also famous due to its stunning and calming views. The main thing which makes this waterfall more popular is that you can enjoy all kind of adventures things there and also explore tremendous places nearby this.

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  • BradenBraden July 7
    Soren and Johny, You both are right, But i will personally say that people love to see the beauty of the Niagara Falls again and again to praise the creation of God. I am so willing for it and will say nature always appeals to me too and will love to be there. By the way, what will you like to say about the maid of mist story of Niagara Falls?