los angeles to Grand Canyon
  • Going with 3 day bus tour from los angeles and looking to be in Grand canyon too during travel time because willing to see Skywalk and amazing views of this park from there. Do you think it will be a smart way to be there during 3 days tour to make fun memories with mates?
  • yeah this going to be a great way to make your 3-day travel more fantastic for you. I love this srt of sight which filled with great options to make fun while traveling with this. To be around the natural beauty and great rock formation of the grand canyon will remain so best for you.

    vancouver to moraine lake will be great to explore.
  • MirrahMirrah July 3
    Brinkman, It is good to know that you are going to visit Grand Canyon while taking 3 day bus tour from los angeles to have a fun time. It will be really a good tour for you as I have visited Grand Canyon before my coconut grove national park nj and had a lovely time there.
  • Brinkman November 28
    Happy to tell you guys I had a great time in Grand Canyon. South Rim and West Rim made my time. Must say thanks for sharing your views and excite me to go for it. I was really a fun time to be inside this park as I was looking.