Adventure ride
  • Going to try out bus trip from nyc with my close friend. While this tour, I am going to enjoy adventure rides in NYC. So for this, I need to know some place names of NYC, which are best for enjoying adventure rides. Would anyone like to share those place names with me?
  • I also have a plan to explore New York and will be there though east coast tour packages. Hope spending time there will be a great idea for me. Anyway, If I talk about adventure rides in NYC then here going to mention the names of best those are:
    Jet Boat Ride
    White Water Raft at Hudson River
    bike tours for sightseeing
    Speedboat Tour
  • MirrahMirrah June 26
    Coney Island Cyclone
    Soarin' Eagle

    These will be suggestions from my side to enjoy during the tour of NYC. These roller coaster rides are really thrilling and I am sure that you will like them.
  • Soren June 27
    johnny, what a cool plan that you have made to have fun with your close friend. it would be definitely so much stunning for you I am so sure. I just advise you should not miss enjoying the charm ofConey Island Cyclone while your visit and have adoring time there.

  • MirrahMirrah June 28
    Soren, I am agreeing with you here that the plan of Johny is really nice and I think this will be a huge fun time for him to enjoy these mentioned adventures rides during his trip to have a lovely time. By the way, have you ever taken Coney Island Cyclone?
  • Brinkman and Mirrah I am happy both of you give me a great suggestion regarding my tour. I write down these entire places name in my diary. I must explore these places and enjoy adventure things there. Thanks, guys for nice suggestion.
  • BradenBraden July 6
    It will be really good if you will follow up their suggestions. i am so sure that this will be so much stunning and best time for having some fun there and this will make me feel so much amazing and best time for me ahead.
  • Braden! It is my goodness you give me best wishes for my tour and like other members, you also think that it is the perfect tour for enjoying having fun. After reading your views about my tour, I decided that I will share my tour story here when I will come back from it.
  • BradenBraden July 13
    Well, have you ever tried Jet Boat Ride and maid of the mist at night? I am willing to know this and will be so much incredible and best time for sure. So keep it more up and have some fun there ahead always in these kinds of things.
  • I am feeling bad to tell you that in my whole traveling life, I have never been got any chance to enjoy Jet Boat Ride and maid of the mist at night time. Because I always enjoy both of these interesting activities in day-time. If you have enjoyed these things at night time, then must share your experience here because I would like to hear about this.
  • YashitaYashita July 20
    Luna Park, Coney Island
    Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park
    Playland Park
    Johnny Jack! I will like to suggest to you that should add these names of places if you want to enjoy thrilling rides in NY. I hope you will like my shared stuff and it will prove useful to you. Must share here that where you will explore for that.
  • Flora12 July 21
    Yashita!! You have shared really best places. I really like Luna Park, Coney Island. I have enjoyed this place with my some friends and spent the best time in this place. I want to go there again in my coming life. I just know about of Playland Park. Have any idea so let share with me?