Finger Lakes
  • Finger Lakes is one of the wonderful destinations of New York. This lake is known for its vineyards and this lake names due to due to its series long. This lake totally filed with the charming views of nature beauty and stunning. I love to explore this lake again and again for enjoying this lake beauty with my own eyes. Anyhow, through my next tour, I will explore this lake once again and I am happy for that.

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  • Soren May 2018
    I completely agree with you buddy Finger Lakes is a place which fascinates lots of travelers and offers all to have a great kind of time there. I really like to be around this place for enjoying fishing and sightseeing with mates. Do let me know what will you like to enjoy there dude?

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  • Brinkman May 2018
    Finger Lakes is its own kind of places in New York that grab the attention of visitors for its vineyards. If you are going then must say it could be a perfect travel time for you. So, make a move ahead and enjoy yourself fully. Moreover, don't skip to tell us how was your travel time thourhg your next post.
  • It is great both of you agreed with me and also like this lake beauty. The beauty of Finger Lakes forces the visitor to explore it. Frankly speaking, I really like to enjoy nature beauty, photography, and camping at this place for having fun because these activities are perfect for enjoying there.
  • YashitaYashita June 2018
    Finger Lakes is the best place for visiting in the summer season. It is full filled with lush green beauty and that is why I have selected this place for exploring with my mates in next coming days. Do you like to tell me that what kind of activities I could enjoy at there?
  • Flora12 June 2018
    Johnny Jack !! I do agree with you, Finger Lakes is one of the best places for enjoyment and many visitors enjoyed this place in your whole life. I really like this kind of places and I want to search new places that I will go to this place in my coming life. Have any idea about it?
  • Yashita! I am happy to hear that you will explore finger lake in your next days. You asked me about those activities which you canenjoy there. so I must say that in my above post, I share interesting activities anme shere which you can enjoy there.