Do you know Agra!!
  • Flora12 May 2018
    GUys, Do you know Agra, Have any members explored this place in your life. Guys i want to know some details about if this place. I am so curious to know about of this place. I am the biggest freak of this kind of places so kindly share with me some details and also share some images of this place. I am waiting for all members next reply.

    I had enjoyed maid of the mist ny
  • Brinkman May 2018
    Agra is a famous city in India that is known for its iconic Taj Mahal over the world. If you are looking to have some time in India then it could be a great choice to stop there because there to see Taj Mahal. It will not be wrong at all if I say Agra calls more visitors due to Taj Mahal. Hopefully, you will have a great time there and enjoy yourself. One of my friends wanted to be there in next few days as we will be free after Grand Canyon West Skywalk bus tour.
  • Flora12 May 2018
    Brinkman !! I really like your sharing and after reading your post so then I received so massive stuff from your side. I have decided after some days i must go there but before i have to go to this place, I want to see some images of this place. Dude, Can you share with me some images of this place.