Museum Island
  • Brinkman May 2018
    I am keen to read about Museum Island here. Will be free after thousand islands bus tours . So, Would like to be there for more fun. If you know something about it then can share frankly with me. I am looking to read few replies here. I hope there will be few informative replies form board member's side.
  • YashitaYashita May 2018
    Museum Island is a most fabulous and fascinated destination for visiting and exploring in Germany. It is one of the most famous museums in the world. It has a great collection and this thing makes it prominent. It is an amazing place for visiting in this region.

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  • Flora12 May 2018
    Museum Island is the most visiting place, I have heard much time but I have not gone yet in my life. I want to go there so guys let share with me some details about if this place. I am waiting for all members reply.