• Soren May 2018
    Panama s a place which I have never visited in my life. My dad told me this is added in North America largest country by area. I want to go there in next days with mates and keen to know what you will like to recommend me? have you ever been there dude? If yes then share with us.

    Do you know about 2 day tour to niagara falls from new york?
  • Brinkman May 2018
    Panama is a new region for me to travel. I have noted its name and would like to be there for more fun and hopefully, it will be a great idea. I hope there will be more replies to read about Panama to know what to do there. If someone has been there then must share with me frankly here.
  • YashitaYashita May 2018
    Panama is a country of Central America. It is known as the home of attractions. It is the richest place in beauty and history. My dad had been there a few months back and had a great time at there. He had explored its historical places and come back with lots of unforgettable memories.
  • Flora12 May 2018
    Panama is so best place for exploring and i have explored this place after my other tours. When I was there so I enjoyed some interesting things and am going to share those things names with all members.
    Panama Canal.
    Gatun Lake
    Volcán Barú
    Casco Viejo, Panama.