Skyscraper in New York City
  • Brinkman April 2018
    Would like to go for New York and will love to see its all famous Skyscrapers. Empire State Building will also include in my plan to see when to travel with niagara falls and thousand islands 2-day tour and quite excited for that time. Hopefully, there will be amazing moments to spend and come back with exciting memories.
  • Rocky May 2018
    I have been an awesome time in New York and explored Empire State Building. Empire State Building is fantastic and most exciting for all kind of fun freak. I have got an amazing experience of traveling and adventuring there so would like to suggest others travelers must go ahead fun time there. After getting incredible memories from this astonishing place now going to take tours from boston to niagara falls
  • Brinkman May 2018
    Well, after reading your travel time it seems to me it could be a great time to spend in New York City to see its skyscrapers. Anyway, buddy would you like to tell me something interesting about Empire State Building? I would like to read more here and will wait for your reply here.