Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Brinkman April 2018
    I will have few free days after Boston bus tour to Niagara falls ny and would like to have some time more in traveling so why not to go for Copenhagen, Denmark. My friend suggested me this name many times but now I am looking to go there. But before going here would like to read traveler's point of view about this region. So, guys say all frankly here.
  • YashitaYashita April 2018
    I will try to explore Copenhagen, Denmark in my future. It is a new name of the destination for me. I have never been there in my mind and that is why I have no idea about that but surely share it with my dad and quite sure that he will have sufficient stuff about it and will like to share with me.

    I am going to enjoy yosemite to las vegas.
  • Brinkman April 2018
    Yeah, Must ask him and hopefully, you will get a lot to share with me. So, will wait to read more replies there to know something on this note. Anyway, what about your travel plan to have fun in next days? I hope you like to share with me about your travel time.
  • Rocky May 2018
    Brinkman, would like to tell you i am going to enjoy Niagara falls tours from Boston. I am so much happy for going there because of love to visit both of these places for enjoying travel with mates. Well, here like to talk about Copenhagen. Copenhagen is capital of Denmark which filled with lots of incredible places. Personally, i have no been there ever in my life but must say heard about its much time. Can you tell me some its excellent attractions names? If you have any information about that?