• MirrahMirrah March 16
    I am going to enjoy bus tour package 4 days in the next days with my parents. I wanna know something about the accommodation on the tour as I will get free accommodation from the side of GoldenBusTours. Have you ever tried the free accommodation of this agency? If yes then share your experience here?
  • Soren March 16
    Mirrah, I have not enjoyed any tour by this site but love to say that my uncle is the biggest traveling freak, he loves to enjoy the different sites different tour for getting new experiences of life. He told me yeah this site offer free accommodation facility mean to say that you have not to charge separate money for a stay in the hotel cause its added in the tour package.

    Surely west coast tours from san francisco would be lavish.
  • BradenBraden March 17
    It is good that you find out the answer of your question and surely this will be so much stunning time as it. I will like to spend such a good time with GoldenBusTours and will be a great and impressive time i am sure.
  • Mirrah, Yeah, once I went through this travel agency and stayed in Holiday Inn during New York tour. Was quite comfortable to stay there and enjoy other services. Although there were options to stay in Comfort Inn/Holiday Inn. I went to Holiday Inn and had great memories. I think it's not bad at all to take services and enjoy a comfortable and well-managed tour.
  • BradenBraden April 10
    It could be so much fun time ahead and will have such a charming time there for sure. I will like to spend out my time there and it is just a great way of fun for sure for us ahead.