Backpacking/Camping in the Aspens!???
  • Jenna September 2011
    Hey! Who knows anything about backpacking/camping in the fall in CO? I want to take a long weekend trip backpacking mid-late September when the Aspen is at it's peak color. Anyone know of any epic spots?
  • Jenna September 2011
    Anybody? Anyone?
  • DanimalDanimal September 2011
    Crested Butte has got to be the best place in the World for seeing Fall Colors! The Dyke Trail is a beautiful hike, but I've never backpacked it. Vinotok is September 18-24 this year and is worth a trip if you like awesome little mountain town traditions. Check it out:
  • trdraaron September 2011
    Anyone backpack to Conundrum Hot Springs in late September?
    Or Snowmass or Capitol Lake?
  • DanimalDanimal September 2011
    I haven't done either... You can view current conditions under the "Discuss This Route" at the bottom of a route page- It only works if people log activities though, here's an example on Conundrum:
  • Jenna September 2011
    Thanks Danimal! You're great! I'll have to let you know what we end up choosing! And have you ever heard of Man of the Cliff???
  • DanimalDanimal September 2011
    I have now :) I love that it benefits First Descents, such an awesome organization!
  • Harey Jhone March 2017
    Will love to go for Dyke Trail soon to have some time with mates. I am sure there will be fun time to spend for me and view something exciting around me. Danimal , Thanks for sharing such informative posts with readers and let me to think about this tail to explore it.
  • Emily Watson March 2017
    Well, Buddy, I do agree with you and will say that all of the members have shared such nicely and i am so hopeful that this will be a great time period for me with you guys. So now i will also try this soon.
  • Albern+jAMesAlbern jAMes March 2017
    Hery, I would like to say that buddy, I have much heard about Dyke Trail from many visitors. The bad thing is that I never enjoy this place views and can’t experience any exciting venture on that place. So I really like to recommend you after visiting this place try to share massive stuff about this with all of us.

    Any idea about timing of bus boston to niagara falls?
  • Emily Watson March 2017
    Friends! Now me and my dad have decided to explore the place after just fisnhing his niagara falls bus tours from nyc and so sure that we will have a good time there. He said to me that Dyke Trail is a good place for having some fun there. So will surely enjoy there as soon as possible.
  • BradenBraden May 2017
    Have heard about the Dyke Trail from my grandfather, who was there before years. he had such nice time there with his wife and i am so sure that this is gonna be a great time there for me, i will love to go there after my tour houston texas and will be there with my love i am sure that this will be very nice and amazing time for me.
  • Johnny Jack April 2018
    Jenna ! I am feeling bad to tell you that I have no idea regarding any company related this. But I try to get some stuff about this.
    Anyhow, nice conversation is going here between the members I am sure it will prove useful for readers.