Schenectady City
  • Have you any idea what to see in Schenectady city? I am keen to read here because will be there during bus tours from nyc to niagara falls and love to see all major spots in this region. Hope to read quick replies here and would like to go for it. So, here looking for quick replies to read about Schenectady.
  • Flora12 March 7
    Yea, I heard about of Schenectady city, this is so attractive city in New York. I have not gone yet but i am sure, this place is best for traveling actually my brother visited this place in his life and he has very appreciated talk about of this place. Anyways i want top know this place some major spots so have you know?

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  • BradenBraden March 8
    My father have been visited the beauty of the Schenectady city. I am so sure that this will be so much charming time as it and this will be so much alluring time as it. i will like to be there for sure and this will be mesmerizing time.
  • After reading your views about Schenectady city now I am more excited to go for it. Hopefully will be there soon and enjoy some time with travel mates. Here would like to read about travel points which can see in this city to make travel time more exciting for me. Hope you love to talk about it frankly here.
  • Schenectady city is really new kind of city for me. I ahve never been around that ever in my life. would love to know more about this as its attractions or about city views, Do you like to share with me here?
  • Soren March 10
    Museum of Innovation and Science  
    Albany Pine Bush  
    Central Park  
    Via Aquarium  
    Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady  

    These are some names of attractions which are outstanding surely would be wow for you Jeniffer.
  • BradenBraden March 21
    I must say that all of these names are really cool and everyone should move for it and this will be so much charming time there when i will be there will surely see these palces with my buddies for sure ahead.