Monastery of the Holy Trinity,!!
  • Flora12 February 15
    Last night I saw this image in my brother's traveling collection, this place name is Monastery of the Holy Trinity, I have never heard about this place name but according to my brother knowledge this place best for traveling. I want to go there but i want to know all members views about this place so let share with me.

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  • Brinkman February 16
    Monastery of the Holy Trinity seems to me a cool place. So will make sure to be there like your brother to have a great adventure. Hope spending time there will be a great idea for me. So, I also looking to read quick replies here to read about it. Hope you guys let me plan my next travel.

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  • Timeon October 11
    What an attractive view of Monastery of the Holy Trinity. I also love to go around such a calling place and enjoy an exciting time with mates. If there is someone who ever been there could share their experiences frankly. Suggestions will be appreciated.