• BradenBraden February 14
    All of these places are really nice and best to see around the Maldives. I am having a plan to be there with my friend and this will be an amazing time for sure. So here are the names of those places.
    Meeru Island
    Atolls of the Maldives
    Reethi Beach
    Sultan Park
    Hulhule Island
    I will be there after my houston tours bus. I hope we both will have a good time.
  • Brinkman February 16
    Well, its great to read about the Maldives form your side. Hope you like to tell me here what you know about Atolls of the Maldives. I am looking to read here and waiting for your reply because will make a move toward it after mine tour east coast and hope spending time there will be a great idea. so, looking for your quick reply here.
  • Timeon October 11
    I also noted these names and would like to see them during Maldives travel. Hope going there and explroe all its beautiful attractions will make my time unforgettable. Before going here would ike to read a little about Reethi Beach. Would you like to share Braden?

    book bus tours niagara falls could be a next choice for me.
  • MirrahMirrah October 12
    Braden, I will like to say that you have shared really a nice and meaningful stuff here about the Maldives which is good. It is my most favorite destination n the world to look forward and have a fun time. I love this place due to its natural beauty and have few days of my life there which was a golden time period for me.
  • Johnny Jack October 13
    Braden! The Maldives is one of the most beautiful and attractive places on the earth, which is located surrounding the water. I love this destination due to its nature beauty. Anyhow, you added really nice places in your bucket list. I am sure through exploring these places you will spend a quality time there. Best of luck!
  • Soren October 13
    Right Now I am keen to add some images of which my friends have shared with me recently.
    What do you all will like to say baout them?
  • Johnny Jack October 24
    Soren! Well, you have shared excellent and adorable views of the Maldives here, which show that how much this place is fulfilled with the sightseeing and nature beauty. Due to this beauty, I love this destination and really like to explore it again and again. Anyhow, you said that your friend shared with you these shots. So tell me, have you ever explored this place personally in your life?